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Bike by waterWelcome to the blog about all things relating to bicycle insurance. This site is an informational aid for anyone thinking about insuring their bicycle or themselves while riding. A lot of home contents insurance policies don’t cover a bicycle if it is above a certain value, if it is not at home, if it is transported on a car rack or if it is for business or racing. It is important to note that taking out the cheapest policy is not always the wisest option and it is important to make sure a given policy covers all the circumstances you want covered. Within, you will find an outline of what to look out for when you compare cycle insurance policies, with pages dedicated to types of cyclists and different regions.

To use this website, I recommend reading all the categories and regional information relevant to your situation. Make a list of all the questions you have and specific things you want in your coverage that may be an issue down the line. If possible, call the bicycle insurance company so you can speak to a customer service representative about any queries you may have. If you do not speak to anyone, read over the policy to ensure that all of your needs will be met. It is also a good idea to choose an insurance company that has a long history, which shows that they have weathered multiple economic slumps. On each of the country-specific pages, you will also find information about your local independent rating services that track the financial health of insurance companies.

Types of bicycle insurance

Cyclists fall into many categories and the types of cover vary for each. Below is a list of the main categories of insurance for bicycles:


Region-specific information

In addition, there are cycle insurance issues and pitfalls which are more specific to each country. Find out what you should be aware of in your region here:

DISCLAIMER: In no circumstances can the creator of this website be held accountable for any purchasing decisions made by visitors. The creator of this website cannot attest to all the information herein being current and correct. Before taking out any insurance policy, read the details of the policy to be certain you understand if it covers everything you need.

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